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Brazilian bikini, swimwear, Traje de baño

BIKINI COLLECTION -Our swimwear is 100% produced in Brazil and available in the best specialized stores in over 25 countries. Some characteristics of our line are: exotic design, stamps in floral, striped, embroidered, stone application, and excellent finishing. All designs are exclusive and developed by our own stylists. The fabrics used in our collections are supplied by manufacturers who use the process CO2control® fabrics are manufactured with auditable materials and processes and recognized efforts in the pursuit of sustainability in the textile, such as biodegradability at disposal; exemption from genetic modifications; closed production cycles; non-use of toxic or harmful products to human health and production traceability We are growing worldwide and looking for new customers/distributors for our line.

Shaved ice cart - Carrito par vender raspado de hielo

We produce and export the shaved ice cart in Brasil. Talk with us the learn more. Nosotros producimos y exportamos el carrito para vender raspado de hielo desde nuestra fábrica en Brasil. Hable con nosotros para tener los detalles.

Brazilian Handwoven 100% Cotton Fabric Hammocks

The Brazilian hammock is a comfortable and enjoyable way to spend a lazy afternoon and due to that we understand the comfort, elegance, and warmth of our amazing hammocks. In many parts of Brazil, our people use them to sleep in instead of a bed. The amazing workmanship and ultimate comfort of this style of hammock will truly amaze you.

It ecologic concept can be found in all hammocks sizes and variety.
We produce and export to over 40 countries and we are sure you will love to have our goods in your stores.

Hot Dog Cart LX and Coconut Cart

We are proud of offering high end equipment to those who want to earn money to help their family. They are hot dog cart, cococonut cart, beer cart, pop corn equipment and others.
Come to talk with us to learn more.

Upscale Brazilian lingerie, Ropa interior de lujo

We are a Company established in Brazil since 1976 and responsible to develop, produce and sell throughout Brazil and other countries of high end women Lingerie, sleepwear, bathrobes and line for pregnant women and that match the high standard of quality, technology and always according to the latest trend fashion. The designs stand out by its unique style, elegance, romance and sensuality.
Our lingerie are inspired by the most elegant sensuality, luxury and desire to bring a fascinate experience to all women body. Our goal is to create exclusive designs that offer sensation of security, comfort, beauty and sensuality to women around the world who find passion by the lingerie and thru it the best form to show and improve their femininity.
Besides the women lingerie, we offer a high men and children underwear, sleepwear produced with the same care.
We are growing worldwide and still looking for store keepers, distributors to sell our goods.


We are proud to be part of one of the oldest Brazilian factory who produces door and Windows. There a great variety of solid wooden doors, semi solid doors, economic laminated door, acoustic door, fire rate doors, besides windows.
Besides offering high quality products, the factory has a concern that goes beyond functionality, durability and designer products. For them, quality products begin with respect to forest management principles and ecological criteria protection with social benefits and economic viability. With this mentality, they only sell woods in accordance with all terms set by the Brazilian environmental policy of IBAMA.
All goods are exported to Europe, Angola, Algeria, Argentina, United States and many other countries, besides big constructors in Brazil and project of Government.
We are still growing and looking for oversea importers.

Casas Pre fabricadas em Madeira

Casas pré fabricadas em madeira. Somos uma empresa brasileira, voltada a fabricação e exportação de kits pré-fabricados de madeira. Destacamo-nos no mercado internacional exportando kits para moradias, pousadas e complexos turísticos. Nossos kits são também utilizados por diversas construtoras que tem em nossos produtos base para o desenvolvimento de condomínios residenciais e comerciais. Oferecemos casas de 58m² até 368m², além de Bungalow e Quiosques. Exportamos atualmente para Angola, Espanha, Moçambique, Santo Tomé e Príncipe e Portugal.

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